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 Sunday, October 1,  4th Annual Ladies of Intrigue, Embassy Suites, O. C.

  Mystery Conferences:

 May        18 – 21, Crimefest, Bristol, England
 July        11 – 15, Thrillerfest, New York, New York
 October 12 - 15, Bouchercon, World Mystery Conference, Toronto, Canada


Saturday, June 3, 3:00 p.m. – Keith Elliot Greenberg at Mystery Ink

KILLING FOR YOU is True Crime veteran

Keith Elliot Greenberg's shocking, authoritative

account of a brutal double murder in Orange

County, at the hands of Daniel Wozniak

Twenty-six-year-old actor Daniel Wozniak was unemployed, facing eviction, and deep in debt for his upcoming wedding. So he devised a diabolical plan: He asked his neighbor Sam Herr, a young war veteran, to help him move some things into the attic of an empty theater. There, Wozniak shot Herr twice in the head before taking his ATM card and cell phone. Hours later,Wozniak performed on stage with his fiancée in a local production of the musical Nine, convinced that he had gotten away with murder…

Keith Elliot Greenberg is a television producer and New York Times bestselling author. He's written for Maxim, Men's Journal, Playboy, the New York Observer, Village Voice, Huffington Post and USA Today, among others, and authored more than 30 non-fiction childrens' books. His television credits include MSNBC, America's Most Wanted, Discovery ID, the History Channel, PBS and VH1. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

 Re: L.A. Times Festival of Books

Signed copies of authors listed below still available!

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An Independent Mystery


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​​​​ Saturday, June 10,  4 p.m.- Cara Black at Mystery Ink

 Join Cara as she launches her new 

Aimee Leduc mystery,  



Aimée Leduc is walking through Saint-Germain when  she is accosted by  Suzanne Lesage, a Brigade  Criminelle agent on an elite counterterrorism squad.  Suzanne has just returned from the former Yugoslavia,  where she was hunting  down dangerous war criminals  for the Hague. Back in Paris, Suzanne is  convinced  she’s being stalked by a ghost—a Serbian warlord she  thought she’d  killed. She’s suffering from PTSD and her  boss thinks she’s imagining things.  She begs Aimée to  investigate—is it possible Mirko Vladić could be alive  and in  Paris with a blood vendetta?